Your Journey,
Your Companion...

Your Journey,
Your Companion...

UNIT4 Agresso Milestone 4 is the first cloud ERP software built with people, not programs, in mind. Designed for a mobile future, and supporting a suite of separately installed and upgraded, task-focused Experience Packs, it lets you and your employees collaborate freely and work in the way you want ‒ every day of the month, every month of the year, in the office or on the road.

Find out how Milestone 4 and UNIT4 Experience Packs give Mia, Josh and Nora the information and insights they need, fast, easily and consistently. And see how this smart, engaging business partner can support YOU every inch of the way, whatever the road ahead brings.

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  • Meet Mia

    She's a business support officer with her local council.
    A day in Mia's life
  • Meet Josh

    He's a project manager responsible for a team of 22 consultants at a fast-moving engineering organisation.
    A month in Josh's life
  • Meet Nora

    She's a chief operating officer, managing operations for 750 people across 5 countries.
    A year in Nora's life
  • Have fun working

    Stunning design, outstanding usability and screen elements like graphics and information panels, make using the Experience Packs easy, simple and a joy from the outset.
  • Connect anywhere

    With 24/7 access to your Experience Packs, and with Agresso mobile apps letting you complete a wide range of tasks, like filling in your timesheets and entering expenses, on your smartphone, you’ve got everything you need to do your job – when you want, where you want, how you want.
  • Keep your colleagues close

    Chat, screen-sharing and other collaboration features let you contact other people in the organisation to get the information you need immediately and to discuss and resolve issues in a matter of minutes.
  • Agresso Experience Packs

    Agresso Experience Packs are a suite of finely focused software modules that provide clear, easily accessible information in beautifully designed screens.

    Harnessing the underlying power of Agresso Milestone 4, the Experience Packs make complex tasks simple, straightforward and fun. Integrated social collaboration features mean you can work easily with your colleagues to resolve issues in seconds. And because the Experience Packs can be installed and upgraded when you want, in the order you want, they remove the headache of platform-wide upgrading.

    Plan when you're in, out or busy.

    An extremely simple way to handle your absences using drop-down lists, calendar overviews and easily accessible help information. All about Absences

    See where you went, what you spent and what you'll get.

    A simple, visually appealing way to handle complex expenses incredibly easily, integrating credit card transactions and uploading photographed receipts. All about Expenses

    View, create or change any structure instantly.

    An easy-to-use interface for instantly viewing or creating organisational or other structures, and making changes faster than any other system on the market. All about Modeller

    Get everybody at the right place at the right time.

    The complete picture of people’s skills and availability, enabling you to plan and manage their involvement in projects highly efficiently. All about People Planner

    Be in full and constant control of all your projects.

    The ability to create, resource and budget for a project by seamlessly integrating with People Planner and core Agresso modules. All about Project Planner

    Organise your work and get more done.

    The ideal solution to help anyone who has to approve invoices, timesheets, expenses - in fact just about anything - work smarter. All about Task Management

    Keep on top of your hours wherever you are.

    Gives a visual overview of what you’ve spent time on, making it straightforward to accurately and rapidly complete timesheets for even the most complex tasks. All about Timesheets


Upgrade only what you need

Gone is the all-or-nothing approach to upgrading, and in its place is a totally innovative upgrade concept.

With the release of Milestone 4, instead of big-bang upgrades, you can introduce new Experience Packs or upgrade to the latest version of one you’re already using, when you want, in the order you want, independent of the core platform or other Experience Packs. And similarly you can upgrade to the next new Milestone when it’s released, independent of any Experience Packs you might have installed.

No other ERP system gives you so much control, so much focus and so much flexibility.

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